9 Surprising Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training

Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training

What are the benefits of high-intensity interval training? You can tell the meaning HIIT from the word itself. As the name suggests, the training is very intense or vigorous and is done after some interval of time. The training unlike another kind of training is very beneficial. You can try to do this kind of training and feel the experience for yourself. It is actually good at getting faster results when you compare it with more lengthy exercises.

This kind of training does not limit a person to a particular kind of exercise. Rather, all kinds of exercises can be incorporated. If you find some exercises that are straining or uncomfortable to you, you may choose to replace them with ones you like.

High-Intensity Interval Training Benefits

The following are some of the benefits that you will get when you decide to go for HIIT:

1. The Training Builds Endurance

The training exercise are pretty hard. You need to apply as much energy as you can during the training. Although it only takes a short time for one to train, the pain the person feels is can be extreme. This training builds endurance and helps you achieve the best results possible. What is good about the training is that you need to endure just for a short time.

2. Burn Excess Calories in a Short Span of Time

The intense training needs a lot of energy. During the training you will tend to sweat a lot. Well, the sweating is a sign that you are helping your body. The energy that you use during this training is replenished during the rest times. More calories are burnt to release energy to replace the used energy. The toxic wastes as well are reduced greatly, because the intense exercises help to release the metabolic waste products.

3. Effective Use of Energy

Energy needed by the body during the intense exercise is very high. This is because the systems need more energy to be able to handle the intense work. The energy that has been utilized can be replenished during the resting time, and then used again in the next session. This enables you to breathe better as it keep your lungs open and active.

4. Helps to Increase the Body Metabolism

Metabolism is the process whereby the waste products in the body are broken down into useful products. The excess metabolic products are released from the body. When these waste product accumulates in the body tissues, it causes diseases. Oxygen is needed to break down the waste, during the intense exercise one takes in more oxygen, and thus used for metabolism. Metabolism also burns down the excess calories in the body.

5. Calories Burning Extends after the Exercise Period

Did you know this? The calories are burnt continuously for even as long as 24 hours after the intense training. The intensity of the exercise makes your body able to achieve a higher level of repair cycle. This will allow the body to still burn the fats and calories even during resting sessions. You only need to take short time to acquire the best results.

6. No Expense of Equipment

This kind of exercise can be achieved without the need of any equipment. You thus will not need to incur much when training. The simple ways to exercise is simply workout on your own by jumping, running and high knee exercises. These kind of exercises are good for increasing the rate of your heartbeat and thus increasing the intake of more oxygen as well. The training does not need much expertise, since you are not targeting a specific part of your body, you only need to have intense exercise that will burn up calories and give you the result that you need.

7. Assists with Fat Loss and Not Muscles

The major aim of this exercise is to burn up calories in the body. Similarly, during the intense exercises one is able to build muscles. Muscle building results from stretching which leads to stronger muscles.  Unlike the other training methods, HIIT is suitable in achieving two benefits at once.

8. Improves Heart Function

The hard training followed by rest is very good for the heart. During the exercise, the heart beats faster and during rests the heart gets to relax too and beat much slower. This kind of exercise to the heart helps it to pump blood well and acquire more strength to avoid the effects of high pressures.

9. It is a Challenging Workout

This kind of exercise will help you to move out of your comfort zone. It is also good since one does not get bored of continuous exercises, you get to rest in between and be get other work done.

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