9 Ways to Learn How to Trust Your Intuition

How to Trust Your Intuition

Wondering how to trust your intuition? All of us are born with some intuition. The problem is that we are often taught from a young age to ignore our feelings, or to think they are wrong. In this blog post you will find out how to learn to trust your intuition.

The same way that force-feeding infants can lead to them ignoring their natural hunger control mechanisms, the same goes for emotions.

We are less likely to trust our emotions if we have been taught how to suppress our emotions.

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Learn How to Trust Your Intuition

Do you ever feel like something is off but not sure what it is? Or that there’s nothing wrong but still have a nagging feeling in the back of your mind that says otherwise? Intuition is our gut instinct and we should always listen to it. It may be telling us all we need to know about the situation, or maybe just some warning signs.

You can learn to trust your intuition, here are some ways:

1. A feeling in your gut tells you that something is wrong

Everybody has the natural ability to recognize when something is wrong in any situation. You may have become naive or foolish by ignoring these feelings. It happens when you meet someone new and suddenly feel something is wrong. Talk to someone and you believe they lie. These situations aren’t necessarily dangerous, so you don’t want to react. Keep your eyes and mind open. You’ll likely find that you are right more often than you think.

2. The hairs at your neck’s back stand up

Each human being is born with the “flight or fight effect“. Sometimes, the hairs at the back of the neck will stand up. Other times you feel prickly and like you are running. This feeling is normal and should be noted. You will often feel like a spider is near you or that you are in danger. These nagging feelings should never be ignored. Even if you are wrong, it is best to be safe.

3. You feel a tug to help someone

These emotions are used by TV commercials to get you to donate money to feed the starving children. These emotions are normal and should be respected. Don’t feel pressured to help others if you feel the need. Don’t be afraid to offer your help, as it will make you feel better about yourself.

4. You feel pulled to do something different

It’s a boring day in your cubicle and you want to do something new, but are scared to make a change. You should take the time to consider if you feel pulled in another direction. Bill Gates did not allow doubts to keep him from being so successful.

5. You feel confident in your abilities

Don’t let your confidence slip when you feel confident. You are entitled to feel proud of what you do and feel confident about your abilities. It’s not wrong to feel proud or boastful about your accomplishments.

People, especially women, are often taught early in life not to brag about their achievements. Young women often feel less qualified than their male counterparts for jobs and fair wages. You can feel confident when it is appropriate.

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6. Comfortable Environment

To feel fully, emotions need to be felt in a safe environment. Your best friend is you. Only you can create a safe environment for you to express the emotions you feel. Your home should be safe for you and your family. Dr. Phil said, “Home should be a safe place for you to fall.”

7. Recognize the different emotions you experience

Do not try to suppress emotions about food, drugs, or alcohol. Allow yourself to feel all emotions. While you must be respectful in public, you can still express the appropriate emotions wherever they are needed.

8. Try to name the emotions that others are feeling

You can improve your empathy by practicing naming and expressing emotions. People who are able to show empathy for others, even though they may not have been through it, live happier lives than those who are unable to relate to them. To understand the demoralizing effects of being homeless, you don’t need to be there.

9. Write down your feelings

To help you deal with different emotions, as well as feelings others have about life situations, keep a feelings diary. You can use your journal to help you deal with emotions in a healthy manner and give you something to refer back to when you need it.

Try it! Trust Your Intuition

If you were not taught to trust your instincts at a young age, it is something you can learn. Choose one thing to test. If you feel the need to change jobs, you can start job hunting. To test your intuition, it’s a good idea to attend job interviews. You may find the job you’ve been waiting for. You can also feel odd, like running away from a situation.

You’ll become more able to recognize the right and wrong in your emotions if you practice actually feeling them.

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