7 Skincare Tips for Aging Skin – Healthy and Glowing Skin Video

7 Skincare Tips for Aging Skin

Looking for skincare tips for aging skin? As one ages, it is inevitable to see the signs of aging on your skin. Very often, it’s the wrinkles, age spots and dry skin that gets so many women depressed as they age. You’ll notice that your skin gets adversely affected during and after menopause because collagen production decreases.

While we can’t reverse the effects of aging, there are several steps that you can take to slow it down. In this article, you’ll be given several tips that will help your keep your skin looking as supple and youthful as possible. Let see what they are.

7 Skincare Tips for Aging Skin

1. Avoid direct sunlight

The best time to get a good dose of sunlight that’s rich in vitamin D is from around 8 am to 9 am. About 15 to 20 minutes of it will suffice. However, spending time in the sun after that from 10 am onwards is unwise. Here are more sunny tips:

  • If you must go out in the sun, use a good sunscreen lotion and wear clothes that shield you from direct sunlight.
  • It would be wise to wear a hat.
  • Spending a day at the beach getting a tan is NOT a good idea.
  • With age, tanning can be harsh to your skin. So, it’s best avoided (including tanning beds.)

2. Drink lots of water

The human body needs sufficient amounts of water to stay healthy and youthful. Most people walk around in a state of dehydration without even realizing it. Do not wait until you’re thirsty to drink. Drink water at regular intervals.

3. Do not smoke

If you’re a smoker, it’s best to quit. Smoking accelerates aging and causes all kinds of health problems in the long run. The collagen in your skin is affected too when you smoke.

4. Have a good skin care routine

There are tons of commercially-sold beauty products that claim to do everything from moisturize your skin to make it look fairer. Use a good cleanser and moisturizer to keep your skin supple and healthy. You can try out the other products that you may find useful.

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6. Clean up your diet

Your diet plays a role in how you look too. Avoid sugar and focus on healthy foods. Increase your consumption of vegetables and fruit. After a few months on a healthy diet, you’ll notice that your skin has a healthy glow to it and you have more energy and look more youthful.

7. Take your supplements

While eating a clean diet is fantastic, you may wish to supplement your diet with collagen supplements and other antioxidant supplements to reduce the damage of free radicals in your body.

8. Relieve stress

No skin care list would be complete without mentioning the importance of taking the time to relieve stress. Like they say, “It’s not what you eat, but what’s eating you that matters.” Stress can age you faster and cause many health problems. Reduce it as much as you can.

Follow the 8 tips above and ensure that your skin is taken care of. It’s important to remember that being consistent in your efforts is crucial. Most of these methods take time to show the effect because they’re holistic.

So, maintain your skin care and self-care routine until you’re looking and feeling more youthful. You can still be a picture of health and radiance even during and after menopause.

Skincare Tips for Healthy and Glowing Skin Video

From the video: Every person wants picture perfect flawless skin and I think a lot of us go to great lengths and spend a great deal of money when trying to achieve it. I think a lot of the times too we go out looking for these complicated solutions thinking it’s going to be the fix to our complicated problems. In fact the solutions tend to be quite simple so let me share with you some tips on how I keep my skin clear and healthy and glowing and how you can do the same. Let’s get started!

Above all, learn to love your skin. So if you have freckles, beauty marks, natural discolorations, a dark complexion, a light complexion. It doesn’t matter! Own it! It’s you and therefore it’s beautiful. So focus on the things that you can change and honor the things that you can’t.

Of course I’m gonna start with nutrition because I truly believe that healthy and glowing skin primarily comes from the inside and not from the outside. So you may have heard or read people say that certain vitamin and mineral supplements can help with achieving clear complexion. Whereas other people might say that certain food ingredients like celery and cucumber mint lemon and berries help with achieving clearer skin. But personally I don’t believe that any one compound or small group of food ingredients is what helps to achieve a clear complexion.

I believe that your nutrition and your diet as a whole is what determines the health and vitality of your skin. So the more wholesome plant-based foods that you eat, the clearer your skin will be. I mean no single supplement or single food ingredients can offer the complex matrix of nutrients and antioxidants that can be found in the plethora of plant-based foods that you can enjoy.

Does that mean you need to be extreme about it? No, not at all. I mean, I still enjoy some plant-based treats on occasion and still manage to have a good complexion. But I certainly noticed that when I overdo the processed foods, the oily foods, the foods with loads of added sugar, my skin tends to break out a little bit more.

So keep it all balanced and place an emphasis on enjoying an overall wholesome diet. Some people recommend detox teas other people will recommend vitamin infused waters. But just like nutrition, don’t let any of these quick fix solutions fool you. Again, the focus is to look at overall hydration. The question comes down to are you getting enough fluids? This can be in the form of water, soups, smoothies, teas, fruits and the like.

I’m gonna keep this short and simple if you don’t think you’re staying hydrated enough, making sure that you do is certainly gonna help in your journey towards achieving clear skin. Most beauty care manufacturers will try to convince us that our skin issues are as a result of an isolated external problem that can be easily remedied with some kind of lotion or product that they sell. I’m sorry I just don’t buy into it because like I said before I truly believe that healthy and glowing skin primarily comes from within. An integral part of skin health is good health.

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