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4 Beauty Ingredients to Avoid

Do you know what beauty ingredients to avoid when purchasing skin care products? The holiday season is coming and you may be planning to gift some fancy beauty products to your loved ones. But before that, we’re here to enlighten you on some ingredients that are far more harmful than beneficial in beauty products that women and even men fall for. Let’s look at the details below.

Beauty Ingredients to Avoid

For years now, we have all lived or chosen to live under the illusion that beauty products are magical potions that boost our confidence.

We’re so blinded by their glamour, glow and appeal that we fail to see the havoc they wreak underneath the layers of our skin. Hence, if you’re planning beauty products as holiday gifts, it may not be a very good idea. A mere glance at the ingredient label will explain how manufacturers use various synthetic chemicals in their products.

How much do you think they can benefit you? We’re sure you’re beginning to see the light. It is downright staggering to realize the number of chemical-infused products we come in contact with daily. From foundations, primers to furniture polish, we’re loading up our systems with hefty doses of harmful chemicals.

This holiday season, why not vow to avoid them and protect the wellbeing of your loved ones? With this mission in mind, we’ve summed up the most harmful toxins in beauty products. So next time, when you’re out shopping, you’d know which products to steer clear of and which ones are safe to use.

1. Phthalates

Beauty products are high on phthalates because they’re useful in retaining the scent and colors. But you know what they do? These are endocrine disrupters and cause several health problems, including cancer and early puberty.

2. Talc

Talc is a common ingredient in powder-form beauty products because it prevents caking and absorbs moisture. Using talc is a high risk because it absorbs asbestos that is a high cancer-causing agent. Asbestos is detrimental at any level and does uncountable damage to the respiratory systems when people inhale it. From lung cancer to mesothelioma, there is no end to how much this element can ruin one’s health. Never buy products that include talc as an ingredient.

3. Formaldehyde

Laboratory studies have all the evidence we need to prove formaldehyde causes cancer. Even to an imbecile, formaldehyde would destroy our skin, but unfortunately, even the biggest brands do not hesitate to use it in shampoos, nail paints, and numerous other products.

4. Parabens

A huge number of beauty and cosmetic products use parabens by the dozen. You know why? Because parabens are preservatives that maximize the shelf-life of products. But what do they to the human body?

Well, for starters, parabens can potentially destroy your hormones, and this is the main reason why medical experts describe them as hormone-disruptors. With hormone disruption, you’re going to fall prey to deadly diseases like diabetes, breast cancer, reproductive disorders, and obesity. Our skin tends to absorb the parabens and allow the deadly agents to spread their poison inside our systems. There are certain categories of parabens that are worse still. It is, therefore, best to avoid them altogether.

How to Avoid These Toxins in Skin Care Products

We have the simplest solution to help you avoid toxic materials in beauty products: switch to natural alternatives entirely. Yes, many people argue that natural beauty products are not as effective and often more expensive, but we’re here to dislodge that myth.

Nature designs the ingredients to work with your body for starters, and their health benefits are immeasurable. So if you’re using Aloe vera or honey to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin, the positive effects of it will run deep. No one ever became cancerous from using avocado oil or Aloe vera gel for their skins.

Then there’s the illogical reason that high-priced store brands are environmentally friendly. Well, if you’re using products infused with dozen of chemicals, how can you call them environmentally friendly? Trust us, your natural alternatives work just as well, if not better.

The only requirement is patience because natural ingredients require commitment and persistent use to produce results. However, you can trust us when we say they’re permanent fixes, not short term-solution.

The natural beauty products do not rob the skin of its precious natural oils. They do not turn your hair frizzy and drier than before and generally never irritate your skin too. Instead, the natural products nurture and pamper your skin and hair, replenish and revitalize your system with vitamins, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients.

Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid in Beauty Products Video

There are a number of ingredients to avoid in skin care and household products because they may irritate our skin. For most of us, analyzing these incomprehensible ingredients can be a difficult task. Watch the video to learn more about what ingredients to avoid.

Final Thoughts On Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid

Most cosmetic and beauty products are ripe with harmful toxins. Consistent use of that damage the skin and bodies far beyond repair. On the other hand, natural beauty products are a much safer, beneficial, and ideal option.

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