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The Natural Medicine at Home Masterclass

The Natural Medicine at Home Masterclass

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What you do each day and the environment in which you live can have a huge impact on your physical and emotional health, regardless of your genetics. In fact, 70% of deaths from chronic disease are preventable with lifestyle interventions! There is SO MUCH you can do in your daily life to build your health, and much of it is affordable and accessible.

To truly live your best life, you need effective, EVERYDAY strategies to promote healing and prevent chronic disease. Diagnosis may happen in the doctor’s office, but healing happens at home! Experience the POWER and PROTOCOLS of natural medicine in your OWN HOME!

It’s actually quite simple…

Because stress is what lies at the root of all chronic disease, the main goal of natural medicine is to identify the stressors — inactivity, poor diet, toxic exposure — and reduce their impact on the body to promote healing.

There is SO MUCH you can do in your daily life to build your health, and much of it is affordable and accessible!

—>>Learn how to use natural medicine AT HOME when you attend this online event!


Your host, Dr. Michelle Sands, decided to pursue her natural medicine degree after a long struggle with her hormonal health, digestive distress, acne, weight issues and depression.

Growing up in an emotionally and physically toxic household that did not understand the importance of health and wellness, she was very sick as a child. On the journey to health recovery, she found that conventional medicine had no solutions, so she tackled the task of creating (and perfecting!) her own protocol to restore her health.

She now helps women all over the world harness the power of natural medicine to overcome chronic conditions through her signature program, The GLOW Protocol.

She’s here to help you by sharing what she learned.

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The Natural Medicine at Home Masterclass includes expert interviews, daily meditation and mindfulness practices, engaging movement routines, cooking demos and tips for creating a healing environment and an ongoing health building program. Experience the power of natural medicine by learning effective, proactive practices that you can implement into your daily life, and set the foundation for a lifetime of optimal health and happiness! All reasons not to miss this upcoming Health Talk!

The Natural Medicine at Home Masterclass will help you:

  • Create a healthy home environment
  • Prepare medicinal meals your family will love
  • Harness the power of mindfulness, meditation and breathwork
  • Understand and utilize energy medicine
  • Implement proven, drug-free healing protocols
  • Develop a restorative, strengthening movement practice
  • Naturally prevent, reverse and improve acute / chronic conditions
  • And more!

You can truly get started on better health today!

—>>I’ll see you online at The Natural Medicine at Home Masterclass when you register now!

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